The Traffic Building Strategy That Will Never Die

One day, you decide to log into your cpanel account to check out your web traffic stats. You are very excited because you just put up an opt in landing page to capture your visitors email address. You want to see how much traffic is flowing to your website.

You are a newbie marketer and you just followed a traffic blueprint that someone gave you for free. After following the blueprint, you feel as if you generated hundreds of visitors to your site the first day you published it.

So you check your cpanel stats, and discover that you only generated a measly 3 unique visitors.

What happened?

Well, this is the true uncut story of many discouraged internet marketers who are online today. They follow various traffic strategies from so called “internet marketing gurus”, and they never reap any pure traffic results that generate profits.

The number one question I get from all of my subscribers is…

“How do I build and grow pure, reliable traffic to my website?”

Well, there are multiple answers to this question, and if I had time, I will go through them all. But there is one major strategy that will build your traffic and give you the power and ability to grow your internet business virally.

The strategy I am talking about has everything to do with creating and syndicating your content.

Content is the king of the internet because it powers the entire internet and search engine world. If you want an endless stream of the most responsive traffic, you should become content minded.

But why is content creation one of the best long term traffic generation strategies out there?

Below I will list 5 reasons why creating content is one of the best traffic building methods right now.

1. Content Feeds The Search Engines

Search engines spiders are in the business of finding and discovering as much unique content as it can. What keeps the search engines alive is content. Therefore content, especially fresh content, is what attracts the search engine spiders. If you publish fresh content to your website daily, you’ll have the search engine spiders continually crawling your website and favoring your content. Just think of it this way, the more spiders you have crawling your website, the more traffic that you will be able to generate.

2. Content Creates Stickiness

Content is known to be the stickiest material in the online publishing world. The better the quality of the content, the longer visitors will stay on your website and browse other areas of your site.

3. Content Creates The Bookmark

If you supply high quality, tightly focused niche content on your website, then you will indeed generate some loyal visitors who will visit your page over and over again. The tighter your niche, the more likely you’ll generate repeat visitors through bookmarks. Therefore, keep your content very specific and make sure it is useful for the visitor and I can guarantee that you’ll eventually generate some nice bookmarks.

4. Content Can Create Your Email List From Thin Air

The great thing about content is that it can be distributed and syndicated online. This means that your content, especially if it is high in quality, has a great possibility of being posted on other webmasters websites. This syndicated content can then be used to funnel traffic directly to an email capture page, where you’ll be able to build your email list. You email list can then be used to send recurring traffic to any website you want. Just send an offer to your loyal subscribers, and like magic you’ll have instant traffic to any page you want.

5. Good Content Can Attract Links

It is known in the internet marketing world that the best link partner is one that you do not have to beg or bribe to link to your website. Good content can actually have individuals link to your webpage from their website due to the extreme help and emotional appeal that was contained in the content. You’ll have links coming from everywhere if you supply top notch niche specific content. The result from all those one way recommended links will add up to higher quality and more targeted traffic.