Traffic Building – 5 Devastating Ways To Get High Sums of Traffic!

These traffic building tactics should be used to your advantage.

5 devastating ways to get high sums of traffic to your website

Social media should be a vital marketing tactic in your internet marketing vault. People go onto social media sites like YouTube more than a million times a day! There are actually people searching up your keywords on these media sites. If you don’t post up videos, you’re losing huge sums of traffic! Your potential traffic loves videos, they enjoy watching an entertaining video way more than reading a bunch of text. These video sites are a gold mine and you should use every inch of your power to get into them.
Article marketing is one of the best ways to receive a bountiful amount of traffic delivered to your website. It simply does work. Articles are capable of getting onto the first page of search engine results easily if written correctly. From a personal standpoint, article marketing is what brings in most of my websites traffic. I get tons of traffic from just writing one article that only took me 10 minutes to write.
Social networking should be on your priority list when it comes to traffic building. You should be trying to create relationships with people in your niche through forums, blogs, social networking sites such as myspace, etc. These get an amazing amount of traffic delivered to your website daily. Just as long as you do it correctly. Just try to create relationships with the people in your niche, and they’ll soon come to you for more help, and you can then tell them about your website. This tactic requires more people skills than the others provided.
Social bookmarking can drive a considerable amount of traffic to your website, and also give you backlinks from a website with a page rank of 4-5+. This simple method of just submitting your website into social bookmarking sites can bring in tons of traffic, and tons of backlinks to higher your websites page ranking.
Going to free online classified ads can increase your web traffic. There are tons of them out there, craigslist being one, and they get more than a million hits a month. With this much traffic being delivered to their website, your advertisement should be on there! These free ad sites are loved by search engines also. So not only do you get the possible amount of a million people to look at your website, but search engines also give you high page rankings from just posting a free ad in there!

Now some of you might have noticed that I haven’t put in Google AdWords into this traffic building list. That’s because I think that these simple methods rake in much more web traffic than Google AdWords does. Through my own experiences, I have seen more traffic to my website come from social media and article marketing than Google AdWords has ever given me. So be sure to implement these tactics into your traffic building strategy!